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Self care is something I speak about often. Why, because if you are like me your name is last on your to do list. My family says I am like a recorded message reminding them to take care of themselves. But often times I forget to look at the wo"ME"n in the mirror.

And, now they have demanded that I keep the promise I made to the wo"ME"n in that mirror. So with that being said, here I go again, SELF CARE!!!

In my research I came across an activity that can be used for group fun or an individual reminder. It is called: SELF CARE BINGO

This is a fun and motivational way to remember to take care of yourself amidst work, schoolwork, activities, meetings and whatever else life throws at you. made the following suggestions as how to play as a group.

Have each participant put something in a pot that the winner can receive. EXAMPLES:$5 to participate, a favorite self-care product, a girls night out or a trip to a spa, etc. Whatever the players decide will help keep them motivated and active in the game. has all different types of age appropriate self care bingo cards that you can copy or print. A few places like Etsy carry some that can be ordered through their website.

Here are a few of my personal likes. Some I use as a personal reminder for myself.

Self care continues to be an interesting journey for me, as I hope it will be for you. But please remember SELF LOVE is a required aspect of the journey. I'll save that for my next post. I do hope you find this post interesting as well as helpful.

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