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Just A Little Transparency

It's been said that with age comes wisdom. I'm fortunate enough to have experienced this first hand.

I can remember a conversation with college instructors many years ago. It was suggested that I major in Physical Therapy.

My response was that of a younger student, when I said no thank you. I explained that sitting with patients, instructing them to raise their arm and then lower it, would be to me like watching paint dry. I wanted to be more hands on, i.e. nursing and radiology.

Now, let's fast foward to the much older and more life experienced me. As I work through my physical therapy session. I truly appreciate my therapist Kimberly. Oh yes I remind her each session. It's become a part of our departing conversation.

In my efforts to continue to love me, physical therapy has been added to the forms of self care that I use to treat myself.

In closing, I just want to suggest to those who maybe experiencing limitations in their activities of daily living. Be it climbing a few steps, raising your arms to fix that ponytail, etc.

Whatever the extent of your limitations maybe, don't suffer in silence. And, although that tylenol may decrease the discomfort, it won't change your limitations.

Inquire of your doctor the benefits of physical therapy. Its my opinion that physical therapy has placed me in a position to take back my mobility and enjoy my life at its best.

Stay ambitious♡ Stay motivated♡ Stay vibrant ♡

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