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High School Class Reunion

Google defines "class reunion " as an opportunity to reconnect with classmates. A celebration of how far you've all come and reflect on how much wiser you are since wandering the high school halls.

Below is my class reunion from 30 years ago.

**Can anyone find me in this picture **

As my 41 year class reunion is quickly approaching, it started me to thinking and traveling back down memory lane.

From high school graduation to today. There has been many changes in my life. Many of them great and a few I could have done without. But it was those few that ignited my desire to learn something different and grow.

I guess it would be safe to say that those events spearheaded me to the person I am today.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane.

In my research I've learned and understand the importance of a "High School Reunion". It reinforces common bonds, regenerates friendships, and reinvigorate our spirits in appreciation of life's different but parallel journeys.

There can as well be benefits of a class reunion, such as:

• Remembering and Reminiscing

• Exposure to a different outlook

• Finding out new ways of doing business

• Offering a chance to learn

• Making professional contacts

My reunion will be a 2 day event, a drop in and a dinner. And, although I will not be able to attend the dinner. I do look forward to catching up with everyone at the drop in.

Until my next post. Stay safe and be blessed 🌹

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