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Have you ever been rendered completely speechless???

With all that is going on in the world today. To find yourself speechless would not be strange. It is rarely that I've been left speechless, having nothing at all to say. I have however, been in great astonishment.

Oh I've always had a come back. If it was noting more than "you need Jesus" or just simply "JESUS!!!".

With that being said, gospel artist Anita Wilson has a song titled "SPEECHLESS". It is a beautiful song and very much relatable to all who have a relationship with God all mighty.

The lyric starts with: I can say that you're wonderful. But, it doesn't seem good enough. I can say that you're kind. But, that would miss the mark.

When I reflect on the goodness of God and all HE has done for me. My verbal response is automatically GLORY ~ HALLELUJAH.

The world we live in and all of its craziness is constantly changing. I find that having a personal relationship and daily chats with God imperative. It's my favorite form of "SELF CARE/SELF LOVE".

Stay safe ♡ Be blessed 🌹


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