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Hosting many special occasions other than birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Two well renowned occasions are Black History Month and Valentine's Day.


This momentous occasion began as a weeklong celebration, created in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson. The decision to designate February was chosen to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. In 1976 the celebration week was upgraded to a month-long event. Documenting the many accomplishments of Afro-Americans past and present. It is a time of great pride within the Black community and celebrated by all races.


A day noted for the giving of gifts of affection. Whether it be a card, flowers, candies, couples’ massage, couple mani/pedi, just to name a few ideas.

Since the beginning of the Pandemic with masking and distancing we’ve all had to develop some form of creativity when deciding how to celebrate special occasions.

Although the holiday is intended for both individuals in a relationship, somehow it is often observed that the man gives most of the gifts to the woman.

In its purest form it’s a celebration of romantic love.


During my research I've learned that the combination of Black History Month and Valentine's Day has sparked a celebration of Black Love Day. A day celebrated on February 13th. As reported by Tallahassee newspaper, this 24 hour display of affection was founded in 1993 by Ayo Handy Kendi. Affection demonstrated towards the Creator, for self, for the family, within the Black community and for the Black race. To celebrate, in the midst of all the chaos and injustice, the strength and bond in the relationships of the black men and women. As well as the unity of the black family as a whole.

So as you celebrate the month of February's many special occasions and holidays. Let us remember to give thanks to the Creator, Higher Power (whatever name you choose to use). For HE is the Author and Finisher of all our lives, no matter the race.


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