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As I briefly share my journey to self care/self love, I hope it will ignite your desire to create your journey to self care/self love.

Self care has only recently, in the past 7+ years, become a priority for me. It was only after conversations with my adult daughter that the thought creeped in.

She would constantly remind me that my children are grown, and its my time now. Not that I wasn't aware of that. But I had spent the last 17 plus years caring for and catering to my family needs, in addition to working and serving in my church.

My name was always last on the short list of people to care for.

Initially it was a hard habit to break or to redirect. But now it is a number one priority for me.

I had to learn what self care/self love was and how to accomplish the goal. Now as I have researched and learned the many forms of self care, I get excited about the many was to love me.

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.

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