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COVID19-Mask on/off

The CoVid pandemic has been devastating to some, due to loss of family and friends. And, a world of uncertainty to many others. With CDC now changing the rules on mask wearing. I’m sure it has left many confused, even myself.

My confusion comes from the initial explanation by CDC as to the importance of wearing a mask. It was explained that masking and distancing was and still is the number one defense against this dreadful pandemic. In addition to either no gatherings or small gatherings.

I’m sure that everyone follows the news updates on the various station as well as CDC updates. Where now it is said that individuals who are fully vaccinated, don’t have to wear mask in certain circumstances.

My question is if masking was the initial defense, what will be the safety net now. Because, as stated by CDC, the CoVid vaccine will not prohibit you from catching the virus. It is expected to lessen the symptoms associated with the CoVid virus.

Realizing that not everyone has been vaccinated, as well as there are those how were non-compliant to the previous mask mandate/ordinance. How will anyone know who is “safe” or “unsafe” to be mask less around.

Unless those vaccinated will be wearing their vaccination cards like a badge of honor. Not wearing a mask seems to me to be a disaster waiting to happen.

And, please let us not forget that this virus has mutated several times. Each time growing to be worse. With the newest strain in India and record numbers of deaths there alone.

When I was a child my mom would say to me, “if you friends jump off a bridge, are you going to jump too?” This saying comes to mind in this situation.

Therefore, I will not be following the crowd. I will continue to wear a mask for my safety and the safety of my family and friends.

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